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Copper Paws – Why we’re here

Offering up a bit of the agility “kool-aide” to newbies


Our main reason for starting this site was to offer up a bit of help or maybe give a few tips to those wanting to get started into this awesome fun sport. I am by no means any kind of expert about this, but I am learning a lot by being fortunate enough to be surrounded by people that are.  I must admit the northwest part of the country, including Canada has probably some of the fiercest competitors in the game!  And I get to ask them questions, all the time. One lucky gal here!

I have been trying to help out at trials as much as I can with building courses and the general functions that go along with a trail..and one thing I have learned ..tunnel bags are a thing that people complain about a lot.  There are ones that are too long, ones with slits on the outsides (not safe), and just bad handles that dig into your hands. We fixed that. Made some lightweight, easy to handle ones ( for us “vertically challenged” folk), and they are made by a professional upholsterer. NICE!!! 

Jumps were also a topic that I had noticed not so much by NADAC, but by AKC folks about safety of the jumps cups.  There were so many blogs about dogs getting cut on them and just general stuff.  I researched and  found that clip and go made some new flexible cups for jumps.  WHATT?? 

I am super frugal and decided to ask around for my welder buddies to help out with this…I found a person that was willing to do it…and now we have them, and cheap as well.


Trish Blakeley

Dog Lover & Agility Junkie

I was not born to do this 

I have no expertise, just hours and lots of $$$$ spent on learning things about agility and dogs in general…

“If agility wasn’t fun,

I wouldn’t do it”

The Crew

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