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I have been training for a couple of years now… and one thing I’ve learned is that if you want to get knowledge about the sport, get off yer keister and start helping out!  Help build courses, even if the course builder yells at you a few times…just suck it up and be patient and soon they will show you the way.  I love getting out there and trying to be of use. There is one thing no one ever turns down out there on the course when its time to build… and thats the tunnel & tunnel bag packers…they are the mules of an agility trial.  I just despise those long, heavy, dragging tunnel bags…hitting your ankles, dragging on the ground…GRRRR!  Not easy for those of us who may be bit vertically challenged. We fixed that with a new tunnel bag …nothing spectacular, just safe and affordable and built by an upholsterer, so they’re done right! 

Jumps were also a subject I read a lot about.  I’d get onto Google and try to find ways to make them myself and to no avail …nothing! Of course! What did I expect? Right? So I read, and read, and inspected jumps at every trial…some good, some bad …but for the most part, all basically built the same.  Then I read a few blogs that were mostly posted by AKC competitors about safety of the jump cups, and how they had experienced some injuries while jumping. I compete in NADAC agility, and I have never seen a dog hurt themselves on a cup…we don’t jump our dogs the same way, nor parallel (whatever they call it) with the jump. Ive seen a dog take out an upright ( I have the dog) but never cut or injure themselves…I hope I never do.

Clip and Go Agility came out with a flexible jump cup that I would say is an amazing idea for this “problem”.  So, I decided to have a welder designed build some jumps and keep the same basic design as the old style, but no metal bar cups.  We used the flexible ones!  And I must say, the colors that we picked for the jumps…WOWZA! Not to say you can’t pick your own and have them custom..but fun is fun people! And these are affordable as well.

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